Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What Do I Need To Know About My Medications?

By: Ted Luna, PharmD - UCF Pharmacist

The National Council on Patient Information & Education (NCPIE) reports that up to 50% of all prescriptions fail to work because they are used improperly by patients. As a result, preventable medicine-related illnesses annually account for over $75 billion in doctor’s visits, unnecessary new prescriptions, increased emergency room visits and absences or loss of productivity at work.

When you receive a new prescription, the pharmacist is required by law to verbally counsel you about your prescription and also provide you with written information about the medication.

The pharmacist may provide you with information such as:

· The name and description of the drug
· Directions for taking your medications
· Duration of therapy
· Common adverse effect and drug interactions
· Proper storage of your medicine
· Action to take in case of a missed dose
· Any other special precautions/directions as deemed necessary in the pharmacist judgment.

Here at the Health Services Pharmacy, and at our new location Knight Aide Pharmacy (next to the UCF Arena), our pharmacists are committed to providing you the best customer service. We enjoy educating our patients about their prescriptions and we encourage their questions and comments. Whether it’s about prescription medications, over-the-counter products, dietary supplements or any other health care products, our pharmacists stand ready to assist you with product selection and to answer all of your questions.

Please come by one of our pharmacies and experience the Health Services Pharmacy & Knight Aide Pharmacy difference.

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